5 best SEO reporting dashboards to increase your traffic

Updated February 28, 2023 in SEO, Tips & Tricks

What is an SEO dashboard?

An SEO reporting dashboard shows important components of an SEO campaign in real-time. It often includes organic traffic, established backlinks, rank tracking, web conversions and more.

Additionally, it combines all SEO data in one place to make it easy for you to generate reports and analyze how different campaigns are performing.

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Why do you need it?

SEO is the backbone of many digital marketing campaigns. Once you have identified relevant keywords you need to start optimizing your website for each one of them.

As you continue to optimize your website, you need to keep a track of how your website is performing on different keywords and how much traffic each of the keywords are bringing in.

Appropriate keyword traffic can bring in leads and increase conversions for a business. However, executing a campaign can be just as hard as keeping track of all the moving pieces.

An SEO dashboard provides you the ability to monitor relevant KPIs, see where your campaign is struggling and where your campaign is performing well, in a single, comprehensive view. Hence, this makes campaign tracking for different clients a lot easier.

Moreover, SEO dashboards also allow you to generate easy to understand graphical reports. These can be very useful in explaining SEO performance and the outcome of your strategy to your clients, simply and clearly.

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What can you expect from an SEO reporting dashboard?

Conversions – Measuring conversions your clients get as a result of your SEO strategy is an integral part of measuring the success of your SEO campaigns. Conversions are leads that have completed the campaigns CTA (call-to-action).

SEO traffic – This is a crucial goal for any SEO strategy. A good plan makes the website more visible to potential customers without making it look like an advertisement.

SEO ranking change – A website’s ranking is significant in the world of SEO. If the website doesn’t rank high, it won’t be visible to your targeted audience, and will get fewer visitors.

New/missing links – Search engines tend to rank authority sites higher, so your SEO strategy must include making the website more authoritative.

What to look for while selecting an SEO reporting dashboard?

Competition tracking – This feature allows you to show your clients exactly how they perform in comparison to their competitors.

Backlink analysis – An integral part of SEO success is to maintain a strong backlink profile. With this feature, you can track anchor texts, backlinks and much more.

SEO keyword targeting – This feature will help you improve the ranking of your page using different keyword ranking metrics.

Organic traffic from Optimization – You should know the volume of organic traffic your website gets to improve your SEO strategy.

Daily search ranking – This evaluates the performance of your website across different search engines, including Google Maps, Bing and Google on a daily basis.

5 SEO reporting dashboards

1. Dashthis

Dashthis is a cloud-based digital marketing dashboard solution designed for sales and marketing purposes. It is one of the best SEO reporting dashboards as it simplifies and accelerates the way you make reports for your marketing data.

Apart from the usual features, it also has a selection of preset templates that allow you to get started right away. You also have an option to customize each element of the dashboard.

With Dashthis you can automate your SEO client reporting, track KPIs and customize your SEO reports.

Lastly, it also allows you to share your dashboards with your team, allowing them to access all the data they need.

Dashthis SEO reporting Dashboard - Screenshot

2. Klipfolio

KlipFolio clearly displays a good number of top SEO metrics like number of keywords on Page 2+, page load time, number of keywords ranked #1, amount of organic traffic, top 10 Pages yielding traffic as % etc.

It also provides a mobile-friendly score for your website. This allows you to make changes to your website to ensure it ranks higher on mobile devices.

Klipfolio provides you with white label reporting options to deliver customized reports to clients.

Klipfolio SEO reporting Dashboard - Screenshot

3. ReportGarden

ReportGarden has some great features for keyword tracking and competitor tracking, along with automated reporting.

Setting up an account with ReportGarden is a quick and straightforward process. You can easily link analytics, Bing accounts and AdWords with a single click.

It is easy to set up a template with Reportgarden, and after you’ve set it, your reports get generated automatically.

You can try the free 7-day demo after providing your credit card details.

ReportGarden SEO reporting Dashboard - Screenshot

4. Agency Analytics

Agency analytics has a great feature of providing a preview of the template they provide. This way, you can get a better idea if you want to use the dashboard.

Just like other reporting dashboards, it provides features like daily search ranking, detailed backlink analytics, and competition analysis.

Agency Analytics provides full customization of dashboards. Along with this, it has powerful widgets and mobile-friendly SEO dashboards.

The dashboard is easy to use and well organized. You can start with a free trial before buying it.

Agency Analytics SEO reporting Dashboard - Screenshot

5. SEOPoz

SEOPoz has a large number of comprehensive and easy to use dashboard templates. However, you can also customize the dashboard based on your requirements.

It provides daily keyword rank tracking insights and reports of your website marketing and traffic achievements.

Additionally, SEOPoz allows you to visualize multiple metrics simultaneously using a wide range of widgets.

The free version of SEOPoz allows you to track 3 websites with 5000 keywords per month and generate weekly reports.

SEO Poz SEO reporting Dashboard - Screenshot

Google Search Console & Google Analytics

Google Search Console (GSC) and Google Analytics (GA) are amazing tools that will provide you with tons of useful information and analytics data.

Google Search Console allows you to monitor the impressions, clicks, Click-through rate (CTR) and the average position. These search console data are the main and most usable features that will help you improve your organic search traffic.

The tool offers many more important benefits and we highly recommend you to have your website connected to GSC.

Google Analytics shows you real-time data of your website visitors, acquisition, retention, as well as their behavior and engagement and many more useful features.

Google Analytics metrics can become a crucial step in your SEO reports and will help you better understand your audience and their behavior.

What is the difference between a dashboard and a report?

Both reports and dashboards communicate data and information. Dashboards are intended as a quick summary, but reports are more complex and detailed. A dashboard displaying your SEO data in real time is useful for day – to day operations.

A reporting is more useful to plan future operational activities and view an overview of a business and your SEO efforts.

So if an SEO dashboard is like your actual dashboard in a car (showing your time and gas consumption), a report is as like your car’s quarterly mileage report.

In this post, you’ve learned:

What is an SEO dashboard and why you need it.

What does an SEO dashboard contain.

Features to look for while selecting an SEO dashboard.

5 SEO reporting dashboards and its primary features.

Now you’re ready to use an SEO reporting dashboard for tracking and improving the performance of your website to follow your SEO efforts. If you are not sure where to start, an SEO audit might be a starting point for you to find out what are the main issues on your website.

SEO optimization is a tough and very time consuming process, which makes many businesses nowadays to outsource it to the expert agencies.

Keep in mind that Search Engine Optimization is a long-term strategy, requires a lot of time and does not have to pay back if you don’t know what you are doing.

It is totally normal to see the results after a couple of months or even years. However, it is something that majority of businesses nowadays simply have to do, in order to do well among competitors.

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