How a Retail Company raised over $350,000 from a kickstarter campaign

Updated March 8, 2023 in Case Studies

Project summary

Reddit views
+ 3100
conversations started

Type of work: Content promotion

Channels: Reddit only

Timeline: 1 month

Total Cost: $8,000-9,000k

The problem

A retail company specializes in reinterpreting vintage tools from the 20th century and updating them for modern use. With a focus on practicality and playfulness, their products could serve as both functional tools and desk toys. The founders, who were both mechanical engineers, brought a unique perspective and expertise to the development of their products.

The Founders are launching a new product on a Kickstarter campaign, followed by a crowdfunding campaign.

They are looking for an agency that can support and run campaigns on Reddit with a goal to generate awareness and drive traffic, which we hope will lead to conversions for our client.

The solution

Our battle-tested community strategy allows us to deliver long-term community presence.

1. Identify key areas

Our solution was to identify new and key areas to target on Reddit, with the goal of maximizing positive engagement and backers. In order to do this, we needed to research the communities and identify the most effective ways to reach our target audience.

2. Content distribution on Reddit

We planned to detail our research process and construct clear, engaging content that would appeal to each individual audience type that we identified.

We introduced visual content to the communities with the goal of driving engagement.

The challenges

  • We need to look for new creative ways and format to introduce the tools to the communities.
  • Reddit has a diverse user base with a wide range of interests and communities, another challenge is looking for the right communities that aligns with our target audience.

The outcome

Month# Posts publishedAvg position per post (hot page)Avg upvotes achieved per postAvg comments achieved per postAvg. takedown rate
Month 16108526816.6%

Overall, the campaign was successful in driving awareness and sales on the Kickstarter campaign.

“They did a great job understanding the brief and reaching the right audience.”

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