How an Asset Management Software Company reached #1 in Google Rankings

Updated September 21, 2023 in Case Studies

The problem

A company that provides asset management software to businesses. Their software helps companies track and manage their laptops or computers, especially in corporate settings where laptops are typically assigned an ID tag. The software enables businesses to efficiently manage and maintain their assets, providing them with greater control and visibility over their technology resources.

The client wanted to outrank their competitor on organic Google search results. They were particularly concerned about a Reddit thread in which their competitor was listed as the top comment, with a high ranking on Google. To address this issue, our goal was to create a strategy that would help the client achieve the top spot on Google search results and have their Reddit thread listed as the top comment.

The solution

Our battle-tested community strategy allows us to deliver long-term community presence.

1. Identifying the right keywords

To accomplish this, we conducted research on related keywords and competition, and then created a plan to post on a relevant subreddit with a high traffic keyword in mind.

2. Content distribution on Reddit + SEO

To further promote the post, we nurtured the thread with enough engagement, with the ultimate goal of getting it to the hotpage and including our client’s recommendation comment as the top answer.

On the SEO side, we wrote and published a guest post with a backlink to the Reddit trending post, and then monitored the organic search results for the selected “keyword cluster+Reddit” query.

The challenges

The main challenge is that using similar keyword cluster showed their top competitor in a high ranking result on google, in a Reddit thread, listed as the top comment.

The outcome

Within three weeks, the efforts resulted in the Reddit post moving up the ranking on Google and reaching the top 1 organic rank. The campaign not only helped to improve the client’s search ranking, but also increased their brand awareness and reputation on Reddit & Google.