Reddit traffic hacking – how we generated 18,335 visits in 1 day

Updated June 28, 2023 in Case Studies

The background

We were approached by a client who just recently built a new site/app in the dating niche. It had zero traffic and was literally a single page. Time to put on the gloves and get to work! 

The strategy

We went with a three-pronged approach here combining three tactics into one custom order over a three-month period.

  • Month 1 – Reddit AutoPilot – current Reddit Trending Posts
  • Month 2 – Foundations Lite & more Reddit promotion
  • Month 3 – Onpage SEO

Month 1 – Reddit Autopilot – current Trending Posts

plane on autopilot

Since this was a new site and brand, we decided to go after brand recognition to jump-start the site; something that Google craves these days.

Reddit Autopilot gives us that jump-start by locating subreddits and promoting the brand within them discreetly with a series of posts and comments. Some posts go viral – which cause huge spikes in traffic. 

The dating app also had a controversial angle to it. Discussing the app on Reddit ignited a ton of interest, traffic, and sign-ups. 

Using this tactic, we delivered 1200+ upvotes and 109 comments and that’s not including the thousands of upvotes and hundreds of comments that were generated organically. 

successful reddit campaign we run for a client


Month 2 – Foundations Lite

foundation pillars

Month 2 consisted of the Foundations lite package and more Reddit promotion. The idea here is to start targeting some of our target keywords with direct anchor text links.

This would give us the SEO juice needed to move up in rankings for some of these keywords. Keyword Difficulty (Ahrefs metric) ranged from 5-15 for those wondering.

The Foundation package consists of Guest Posts, Link Insertions (aka niche edits), Citations, a Press Release & some more Reddit fun! In total, more than 100 links spread out on different sites were placed (including do/nofollow links).

Combine those links with all the real traffic the site would be getting from our Reddit Autopilot (current Trending Posts) campaigns, it was the perfect one-two combo.  

Month 3 – On Page SEO

knockout punch

But we decided to go for the knockout, and add in a third finishing move for month 3 — an SEO audit with delivered fixes. The audit consisted of a Technical and On-page fix – again this was a one-page site. 

For those keeping track, the audit was performed in Month 1 – but fixes were implemented in Month 3.

The 3 most impactful changes were as follows:

  1. Determining which keywords (through keyword analysis) to go after and then adding them into Meta Title/Description/H tags 
  2. Boosting up the page with relevant copy
  3. Adding in Schema

The final results:

Rankings AND traffic shot up drastically over the said 3-month period. And they are still rising. 

client traffic increase

Now, since the site has established credibility and traffic, there are a couple of things they can do to keep the snowball rolling. 

They can continue to build out their site and go after more keywords to dominate their niche.

They can start to focus on conversion rate optimization (CRO) and increase their revenue. 
And of course, they can keep building those traffic links on places like Reddit and Quora.

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