Restricted marketing services by Soar

Get your restricted products & brand seen across the communities that care on Reddit, Discord, Quora & more.

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Promote your brand, even in
hard-to-market industries.

Locked out of traditional marketing channels?

Good community marketing gets you in front of the potential customers that care the most.

Whether your business is in adult, supplement, gambling or something else.

Work with Soar and run restricted marketing campaigns across communities on Reddit, Quora & more.

Impressions across communities
Brand visibility
Measured by mentions over time across relevant communities
They did a great job understanding the brief and reaching the right audience.
Marketing Manager Retail company

Our restricted marketing capabilities

Server & Subreddit partnerships

Partner with highly relevant servers to build deep relationships with your target demographic.


Get influencer-like shoutouts across relevant servers.

Consulting & support

Collaborate flexibly with our team to achieve your goals

Trending posts

Get your brand seen at the top of Reddit communities.

Brand promotion

Be included in conversations as they are happening around your industry

Paid ads (sometimes)

Promote your brand with paid ads that’ll get you seen

SEO optimized threads

Rank for those pesky “reddit” kw’s with positive brand content

Reputation monitoring

Find out what people are saying about your brand and industry.

Digital PR

Promote positive content about your brand to your potential customers & clients.