Music video promotion: proven steps to succeed

Updated February 8, 2023 in Marketing, Tips & Tricks

Hooray! You’ve finally mastered and released your track, and now the next step for you is to release and market your music video.

The way people consume music has changed entirely in the past few years, with over 45% of people listening to music through streaming services such as Spotify.

Before you start your music video promotion, you need to identify your target audience to ensure that your listeners have the potential of becoming lifelong fans of your music, rather than simply tricking someone into clicking your music video to increase the number of viewers for your music video.

Here are some proven steps that can promote your music and get you the views you need.

Social media

This might be the most common music promotion trick, but most people who use social media marketing usually are doing it the wrong way.

You can also use Instagram to promote your music video and leverage Instagram stories, and highlight the best parts of your music video. If you have thousands of fans on your social networks, you can also use that to promote your videos and get the views you need.

Find people who share videos similar to yours

For your music video promotion, you can target people who are fans of other artists that have similar music as you have.

For example, if you’re an indie rock band, search for people who have shared music videos similar to yours. Create a list and message them individually.

Music video promotion services

When it comes to music video promotion, you’ll find a couple of services online that promise to get your video out to the right audience. This is a good marketing option, especially if you have the budget to hire a PR agency to promote your music videos.

Use Reddit

Reddit is where most viral videos and stories you see on most social media platforms originate from, so use this platform to your advantage and promote your Youtube music here.


If you want to promote your music video and get the Youtube views you need, these strategies are proven to increase your viewers and help you get new fans.