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Link building is an ongoing process. But it is an essential part of your search engine optimization strategy, especially for newly launched websites.

Without a strong link-building strategy, it will be difficult for new websites to improve their domain authority, page authority, and trust score.

These metrics are important as they help signal to Google and other search engines that your website can be trusted and isn’t spammy like the numerous other websites on the internet.

But how can you build high-quality links for your website that can improve your domain authority and trust score? And what link building services do you really require for your success?

Let us take a closer look at these in the article below!

What are considered to be high-quality links?

High-quality links are those links that come from reputable sources. These reputable sources include established websites that rank high on search engines, have high domain authority, publish content regularly, and are relevant to your niche.

They also include news channels, Q&A websites, listing websites, and other relevant niche blogs in your field. 

To understand this better, let us look at an example. If you are looking to build links for a website that sells travel insurance for tourists, then you should be building links from other reputable travel-related websites and blogs that have high search rankings, have a good domain authority, and produce content regularly.

You would also want your link building strategy to include being listed on the relevant listing websites in your niche and being mentioned in forums where they discuss about the best travel insurance companies in the market. 

In order to identify high-quality backlinks, you will need to do some research using different link building tools available in the market.

These tools offer various link building services and features that provide you with all the required data to understand which websites will be able to provide the high-quality backlinks you require.


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Link building services and their role in SEO

To understand the important role link building services play in improving your SEO performance, we need to understand the way search engines rank websites for different keywords.

While there are various factors that search engine algorithms take into consideration while ranking websites for search results, the number of links the web pages have is an important factor that is taken into consideration.

When your web page has different websites linking to it, it signals to Google and other search engines that your website is a quality resource worth citing.

Such link building services also help your website build trust and improve their domain authority. These are important factors when it comes to search rankings. 

Have you ever noticed the web pages that rank in the top three to five positions on search engines for different keywords?

Notice how those websites provide quality information that answers all your questions? Would you consider them good sources of information?

If you answered yes to all these questions, then you know in order to rank high, creating quality content is important. But what really signals to Google that your content is trustworthy and high quality is the backlinks you gain from other trustworthy websites.

Link building services required for building high-quality backlinks

There are various link building companies that offer packages that help you build links using different link building tactics.

But the best link building service is the one that helps you build high-quality links from reputable websites within your niche. In order to build these high-quality links, here are five services you should look for while choosing the right link building agency:

Creation of custom link building strategies

Behind any successful SEO link building effort, is a strong strategy that builds a framework for both internal and external link building. This link building strategy is created after doing extensive keyword research, SEO audits, and thorough competitor analysis.

A link building agency has in-house experts who are equipped to perform such research and analysis to create a custom link building strategy. 

Keyword mapping also lays the foundation for content planning that has the potential to rank higher on Google and boost organic traffic and link building.

Building custom link building strategies is an essential aspect of link building services. If you decide to outsource to a link building agency, make sure that this is a service they offer in their package. 

Guest posting

Guest posting is an essential part of SEO link building services. This method can help you secure quality links from relevant sites in your niche. Moreover, guest posting links are contextual links that are more favorable to Google.

Guest posts also offer great value to the reader and allow you to represent your business/website in the right manner. 

While choosing a link building company, make sure they include guest posting as one of their main link building tactics. Agencies usually conduct a blogger outreach to help you secure relevant guest posting opportunities in your niche. 

Digital PR

Digital PR is another essential link building service that adds so much value to any SEO strategy. It can also help in increasing leads and gaining customer trust. Many link building companies use digital PR as one of their link building tactics. 

To build links using digital PR, the link building company drafts press releases and sends them out to a media list of journalists in the relevant niche. Journalists who find the information useful may choose to publish it and link back to your website in return. 

Citation link building service

Building niche-relevant citations for your business can help your search rankings greatly and improve your brand visibility.

To procure more citation links, agencies list your website/service in relevant listing services like Google My Business and others in your niche. By listing your data in such listing directories, you provide the right data to search engines that can help you get higher rankings. 

Additionally, this also includes being included in the various industry-relevant roundup articles. For example, your business is selling a marketing tool that helps with social media marketing. You would want to be mentioned in posts like ’10 best marketing services you should be using in 2022′ or ’10 social media marketing tools marketers swear by. 

Q&A websites

Q&A websites like Reddit and Quora are usually under-utilized by link building agencies, but they can be invaluable ways for building links and driving targeted traffic to your website.

Agencies that use this link building service know how to position your business on these websites. Relevant and strategic brand mentions on such Q&A websites can also help increase your brand visibility and awareness. 

We highly recommend choosing an agency that includes Q&A websites like Reddit and Quora strategically for building relevant links in their link building services. 

Broken link building services

This is another link building service that is not widely used in the industry. If used right, it can greatly help in link building efforts. The strategy involves doing research and web crawling to find blog posts that have broken links in them.

Post identifying these broken links, you can reach out to the blogger, inform them about the broken link on their website and ask them if they can use a relevant link from your website instead. 

A link building agency has access to various SEO link building tools that help them scan the web to find these broken links. These tools are semi-automated and make it relatively easy to generate a list of websites with such broken links.


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Once identified, agencies use software to mass email these bloggers using templates to increase efficiency. Broken link building can be extremely successful if you are upfront and honest with the blogger. 

Social media links

Many people feel that backlinks from social media are not beneficial for an SEO link building strategy. But this is not true at all! Social media links help drive organic traffic and send social signals to the algorithm. 

Links can be placed in various important positions on social media channels like in the bio section on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, on Instagram stories, with every new Pin you publish etc.

All these links help drive traffic and also signal to Google that the webpage has content that is trustworthy and valuable. 

Social media link building should not be overlooked. It is an essential part of any link building service and we recommend choosing an agency that includes social media link building in their link building packages.

Need further link building guidance?   

We at Soar offer various SEO link building packages that include a mix of digital PR, guest posting, niche citation, Reddit marketing and Quora Marketing, and social media link building services. Our team of experts creates custom link building strategies aimed to increase your traffic, boost your brand visibility and help you create a strong SEO foundation.

We believe that a well-rounded strategy, targeting the right keywords is what will ultimately help your website rank organically and set you up for long-term success. 

Schedule a call with Soar and learn about our various link building packages, so you can optimize your website and start ranking quickly.   


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