Kickstarter promotion techniques guaranteed to drive results

Updated March 3, 2023 in Marketing

Creating a startup is easy, but keeping it going? Not so much. Especially if you’re running low on capital. If you have a fantastic idea but need extra funding to get it off the ground, you can turn to crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding has become a popular option for people with a project they wish to complete.

Unfortunately, hitting your funding goal isn’t as simple as signing up for Kickstarter and waiting for the money to roll in. A successful Kickstarter campaign needs to attract investors’ attention.

Investors or backers are people who want to fund your project or product. It may need a promotion plan or digital marketing.

Did you know?

Kickstarter successfully helped to get funded 211,000 projects accumulating $6,231,590 pledged to Kickstarter projects. 

How can you promote your Kickstarter project?

There are many ways to pitch your products and services. From social media strategies, email marketing campaigns, and joining an Investor’s club. Whichever method you choose, make sure it’s the best option for you.

A great way to create an audience is through social media platforms. Make sure to share your campaign link on Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, and Twitter. While sharing, remember that consistency is key!

But, share your link as many times as you need to, but don’t get overboard. Once you go overboard, your posts won’t matter to anyone.

Additional services

Services like Quora Marketing and Reddit Marketing could be a crucial step for your Kickstarter success. Millions of people visit Quora and Reddit for reliable and trustworthy answers and opinions. Take advantage of it. 

It’s also essential to create dazzling visuals and content to draw customers in. Visual content can be a short video, gif, infographic, and more.

To have a more organized strategy, it is wise to create a campaign timeline for your entire page. From there, you can track your engagement level and know the type of content your audience wants to see.

kickstarter campaign

Influencers and blogging

You can even reach out to influencers and well-known bloggers! Having a well-known account share, your campaign link can make a massive difference in the traffic your landing pages get.

Writing guest blog posts and working with influencers will help you build a strong social media presence. This way, you can achieve your crowdfunding goals.

Email marketing

Additionally, you can take advantage of your email list. This works best if you already have an established audience base.

To start, you can announce your pre-launch, email newsletter, and even ads. From there, you can gain email subscribers that see your startup as relatable.

Lastly, consider joining BackerClub if your budget allows it. This is a website that connects ‘super backers’ with entrepreneurs. With more research, you can decide whether this is the best for your crowdfunding campaign.

How can you get your Kickstarter campaign noticed?

Sharing your campaign link with friends, family, co-workers and target audience is effective. But you should also take advantage of Kickstarter’s high internal traffic!

Majority of investors are likely to be found on the site rather than on other platforms. But how exactly do you get noticed?

The problem is: most backers only notice the top-ranking projects. They don’t usually dig to find new or less popular ones. So, it would be easier to get seen if you get on the feature campaign page.

Check out BackerClub, which could be a very helpful source for you.


In looking for projects to feature, the Kickstarter team looks for creativity and exceptionalism. This means that your landing page should be full of vibrant, high-quality images.

Incorporate a picture, video, and GIFs to enhance and support your written text. And lastly, clarity is vital. Be clear about what your project is so that backers don’t get confused.

Can you get scammed on Kickstarter?

In short: absolutely.

Unfortunately, scammers exist in all corners of the web and crowdfunding websites aren’t exempted. While it’s obvious how people can get scammed when they pledge funds, it can be harder to tell if you are the target.

One scam to look out for is a backer scam. Some might connect with you and pretend they want to support you when what they want is to get your money. 

In this case, the scammer will insist they can find you a digital marketer who will increase your ads’ visibility. If you’re looking for genuine, transparent, and reliable marketing, try Soar. Our team can give you great advice and services to level up your campaign!

Another type of backer scam includes a ‘backer’ pledging to a project in exchange for backer rewards. After a few months, the backer then disputes the credit card charges and gets a refund.

Lucky for us, these types of users are often caught and banned from the platform.


All in all, successful crowdfunding campaigns rely on various digital marketing strategies. A creator must be willing to get their ideas out in the open.

From sharing links in social media, engaging in email campaigns, and hiring trusted digital marketers, like Soar.

Although it may take a while to reach your target, keep at it and keep discovering new ways to improve your campaigns.