5 best influencer marketing companies you should be using

Updated March 8, 2022 in Marketing

According to research, 19% of marketers spend $1,000-$10,000 per year on influencers.

And 17% of companies spend 50% of their marketing budget on influencers (and a dozen more examples of marketing like that.) 

Woah ?

And with more than 500,000 active influencers across the web, it’s tough to choose the right one.

And that’s where influencer marketing companies come in and save the day. 

These companies help their customers find influencers in their fields that’ll increase their sales.

But not all influencer marketing companies are made equal, some are definitely better than others.

And that’s why we wrote this post

To make the process of finding the right influencer marketing company easier for you.

Here are the top 5 you should consider for your next marketing campaign. ?

influencer companies

We’ve evaluated the 5 largest platforms based on a couple of different metrics…

  1. Reporting and analytics: ROI calculations, campaign stats, url tracking, publication confirmation and more. Proper reporting is critical to evaluating a influencer marketing company. 
  2. Discovery and search: The wider the selection, and the more filters a influencer marketing company has, the better the chance you’ll find that one rockstar influencer who matches your product perfectly. 
  3. Campaign content management: How easy is it to manage the details of a campaign? The hashtags multiple influencers should use, posting requests, links and DM’s and more.
  4. Contract and contact management: How easy is it to communicate directly with the influencer? 

And that’s that.

Read on to see our list of top 5 influencer marketing companies. ?

1. Meet HYPR

HYPR influencer marketing companyPros:

  • It offers real-time analytics that allows the brands to access the geographic data, audience demographics, and more.
  • They have access to more than 10 million influencers, including dedicated manager and direct contact information to find best client conversion rates where you can define KPIs.
  • They have additional features like the keyword search function, Influencer profiles, and account managers. You can book a demo if you’re confused about the service.


  • They have limited brands that barely cover a specific field completely. However, they work on getting more brands to collaborate with them.
  • They don’t provide demographic data unless a person has at least 2 social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.
  • They are not true to their statistics as many users have complained about HYPR providing broken social media links and wrong total follower count.

2. Popular Chips

Popular Chips influencer marketing companyPros:

  • They offer demographic distribution of the audience of any influencer in the market. Also, you can access the site in 6 different languages.
  • They also provide regular reports to help you learn from competitor strategies, improve your marketing KPIs along with an option to see who is tagging you or using your hashtags.
  • They have worked with popular brands like Puma, WB TV, Starwood, Asics, and more. So you can trust their service.


  • They are very expensive with plans starting from $570 per month. Hence, only companies that have large budgets can go for Popular Chips.
  • Their customer service is not good because they don’t respond to user queries within 24 hours.
  • They have broken links and misleading search results.

3. Upfluence

Upfluence influencer marketing company Pros:

  • They have impressive access to 250 industries to over 1.2 million influencers. Upfluence allows you to search based on industry, traffic history, social media type, engagement rates, and more.
  • They allow you to view the influencer’s social media and latest blog posts along with an option to contact them through the software.
  • They provide additional features like geolocation search, Campaign manager, and track results. They offer a free demo as well.


  • They have complex filter function, so it takes some time to master, especially for the exclusive ones.
  • The analytics tool is not that user-friendly. Though you will find all the KPIs, but they are not displayed in an organized manner.
  • They only offer yearly subscription so even if you don’t like the tool you will have to pay for it every month.

4. NeoReach

NeoReach influencer marketing companyPros:

  • They have an automated index that has over 3 million influencers in their record. So you can be sure to find an influencer in your field.
  • They provide real-time reports, user-generated content campaigns along with 40 filters to search for the right influencer. 
  • With NeoReach, you can review posts and track deadlines within the dashboard.


  • They don’t provide micro-influencers. They only have significant macro-influencers in their database.
  • They target large companies, and so they are quite expensive. Also, they only provide an annual subscription, which can be a problem if you don’t like the tool.

5. Traackr

Traackr influencer marketing companyPros:

  • They help you focus on the effect of how the followers will respond to an influencer’s content. So, the brand can target the right influencers without taking risks.
  • They provide real-time data so you can easily track where more traffic is and concentrate on increasing the engagement on the other platforms as well.
  • They provide features like campaign management and discovery engine. They offer 3 different subscription plans so you can choose what fits your budget.


  • You may miss some social activity as they are not integrated with LinkedIn.
  • They do not provide customizable and shareable reports. This can become a significant issue if you have a huge company, and you need to share results with other members.
  • There is a limitation on the number of projects a brand can run simultaneously. Also, they do not provide story analytics.


So here is a proper comparison of top influencer marketing companies.

Make sure to select the one that suits your budget, as well as provides excellent service. 

You can also read reviews about these companies to understand more about their service.