How we generated over 500k views on Reddit for a Music Producer who just wanted to explore different channels

Updated March 8, 2023 in Case Studies

Project summary

Reddit views
+ 950
conversations started

Type of work: Music promotion

Channels: Reddit only

Timeline: 1 month

Total Cost: $7,000-8,000

The problem

The client is a highly skilled music producer who specializes in creating unique and impactful cinematic soundtracks. Using a blend of electronic sounds and orchestral instruments, the client has developed a signature sound that has gained recognition in the industry. Their attention to detail and passion for pushing the boundaries of traditional music production techniques has resulted in a portfolio of impressive and innovative tracks.

The client is looking to increase their presence, streams, and followers by effectively utilizing Reddit’s community features and leveraging the power of word-of-mouth marketing.

The solution

Our battle-tested community strategy allows us to deliver long-term community presence.

Reddit promotion

To help the client overcome these challenges and achieve their goals, our team developed a targeted and strategic approach to growing the client’s presence on Reddit. By carefully researching the client’s target audience and identifying opportunities to engage with relevant subreddit communities.

To achieve this, we took a user-centered approach by introducing the client’s playlists to the community and inviting discussion and recommendations. By sharing thoughts and favorites, we were able to establish a dialogue with Reddit users and build a sense of community around the client’s music.

The challenges

The challenge for this campaign is with a crowded and competitive music industry, it can be difficult for emerging artists to stand out and gain traction on social media platforms.

The outcome

Month# Posts publishedAvg position per post (hot page)Avg upvotes achieved per postAvg comments achieved per postAvg. takedown rate
Month 1513131600%