How a Science Publisher reached #1-3 on Google with relevant and optimized content pieces

Updated March 8, 2023 in Case Studies

Project summary

Reddit views
+ 1.6k
conversations started

Type of work: Content promotion

Channels: Reddit only

Timeline: 3 months

Total Cost: $5,000

The problem

A company specializing in health and wellness, with a focus on aging science and beauty. Through scientific studies and research, the company has established a reputation for providing reliable and evidence-based information on these topics. The company’s mission is to help individuals improve their overall well-being and achieve their health and beauty goals through an evidence-based approach.

The company wanted to focus on providing scientific study findings to improve overall well-being to targeted communities and improve their article ranking on Google.  However, they face a challenge in terms of reaching their targeted audience and expanding their presence on Reddit & Google results.

The solution

Our battle-tested community strategy allows us to deliver long-term community presence.

Reddit promotion + SEO

To help the client achieve these objectives, our team implemented a strategy focused on targeting relevant communities and creating engaging content. This included creating threads on Reddit that shared story-type posts and direct links to published articles, as well as incorporating link inserts into the articles themselves.

By sharing engaging and informative content and optimizing the articles for search engines, we aimed to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to the client’s website, and improve the ranking of their articles on Google.

Through this approach, we were able to successfully drive growth in followers and engagement for the client content on Reddit, as well as increase the ranking of their articles on Google.

The challenges

Due to a lack of capacity in-house, the company was seeking a team to handle the task of promoting their content pieces and articles. The ultimate goal of the campaign was to expand the their reach and better serve their customers through increased visibility.

The outcome

Month# Posts publishedAvg position per post (hot page)Avg upvotes achieved per postAvg comments achieved per postAvg. takedown rate
Month 153.6161700%
Month 252173940%
Month 352.81681220%

Follow-up & expansion

We continued on publishing guest posts articles with link inserts, with the goal of ranking relevant keywords and improving SEO.