How a Game Studio increased its app downloads to 150% in 1 month

Updated March 8, 2023 in Case Studies

Project summary

Reddit views
+ 171
conversations started

Type of work: Brand promotion

Channels: Reddit only

Timeline: 5 weeks

Total Cost: $5,000-6,000

The problem

A popular app and game studio is known for building amazing games that are offered to players for free. They specialize in developing mobile games for both Android and iOS devices and have a diverse portfolio of genres including action, adventure, puzzle, and strategy.

The CEO is seeking ways to increase brand awareness and traffic, particularly through Reddit, in order to attract more users and increase downloads of the app. The app they developed is a game reward app where you play the recommended games inside the app to earn rewards such as gift cards and possibly cash to link to your Paypal.

The solution

1. In-depth research

To increase brand awareness and traffic for our client’s app, we leveraged our expertise in Reddit marketing to target relevant communities within the app and gaming subreddits.

2. Content distribution on Reddit

This allowed us to reach a highly engaged audience and drive traffic to the client’s app. By focusing our efforts on Reddit, we were able to effectively promote the app and generate interest among potential users.

The challenges

  • The app needs to stand out among competitors and appealing to a large, diverse audience.
  • Reddit has a highly engaged and critical user base, so the app needs to offer unique, valuable rewards and have a well-designed user experience to succeed. In addition, the app needs to appear as organic as possible to avoid being called out by community members since there is little trust when it comes to game reward apps.

The outcome

Month# Posts publishedAvg position per post (hot page)Avg upvotes achieved per postAvg comments achieved per postAvg. takedown rate
Month 171581928.5%

Overall, the campaign was successful in driving awareness and interest in the app on Reddit.

“We were impressed with Soar’s team.”

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