How a Beauty Retail Company became the #1 solution on Reddit.

Updated March 8, 2023 in Case Studies

Project summary

Reddit views
+ 811
conversations started

Type of work: Brand promotion

Channels: Reddit only

Timeline: 3 months

Total Cost: $5,000

The problem

A company specializes in creating hair revival products that are backed by extensive research and utilize revolutionary technology. Their dedication to producing innovative, effective solutions has helped them establish a reputation for providing high-quality products that help customers achieve healthy, vibrant hair.

The company was seeking an agency to run a campaign on Reddit in order to increase brand awareness and improve their reputation compared to competitors. They wanted to reach a wider audience and establish themselves as a leader in their industry through a targeted marketing campaign on Reddit.

The solution

Our battle-tested community strategy allows us to deliver long-term community presence.

1. Identifying opportunities

In order to increase brand awareness and reputation for the client on Reddit, we identified opportunities to widen their reach to relevant communities and target audience.

2. Content distribution on Reddit

To engage this audience, we used a variety of tactics, including storytelling and controversial topics, as well as asking for recommendations and suggestions and positioning the brand as a solution. These strategies allowed us to effectively promote the client’s brand and establish their presence on the platform.

The challenges

The challenges for this campaign were…

  • Establishing a new brand’s presence on Reddit and effectively fostering trust with the platform’s diverse community. To overcome these hurdles, innovative strategies must be employed to effectively promote the brand without relying solely on traditional endorsement techniques.
  • Additionally, building a positive reputation within the Reddit community is crucial in order to establish a solid foundation for future growth and success.

The outcome

Month# Posts publishedAvg position per post (hot page)Avg upvotes achieved per postAvg comments achieved per postAvg. takedown rate
Month 152122300%
Month 252106460%
Month 353112360%

Follow-up & expansion

Continued on promoting the client’s brand and established their presence on Reddit by introducing storytelling and controversial topics and placing the client’s brand as the solution.