5 e-commerce trust signals that’ll skyrocket your conversions

Updated August 15, 2022 in Marketing

There’s a simple way to double, triple, or even quadruple your add-to-cart & checkout conversion rate:

Once you learn what it is, you’ll want to kick yourself for not adding it in sooner.

Ecommerce trust signals.

What is an ecommerce trust signal?

A trust signal is an element on your website that will cut anxiety and friction a shopper might have going through the checkout process.

In the context of eCommerce, trust is as big a reason as anything. The reason a user decides to visit your page is because of trust. Every conversion that occurs on an eCommerce page is a result of trust.

Conversion Rate Optimization experts concern themselves with these problems:

  • Increasing motivation
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Reducing friction

Improving the trust factors of your website helps with each of these endeavors.

Ecommerce Trust signal 1: use these e-commerce trust seals

ecommerce trust signals

I don’t recommend overloading your site with trust seals – but consider adding them to your checkout sidebar or site footer.

These trust badges are proven to increase conversion rate and improve faith in your brand/company.

Ecommerce trust signal 2: set up your site on HTTPS/SSL.

https ecommerce trust signal

This signal is particularly important for ecommerce websites. The familiar green button is basically the go-ahead for “this is a secure website”.

Not to mention having SSL enabled comes with opportunities to much speed up your site and the content that comes with it. (see how here)

You can easily enable SSL free just by signing up and setting up Cloudflare for your website. Besides hosting provider, you can go with paid SSL certificate providers who offer many features and after sales service to customers. These providers can offer single domain, wildcard SSL, multi domain and other certificates as per website’s need.

Ecommerce trust signal 3: have a privacy policy, a contact page, terms & conditions, and a faq’s page.

These pages are really important understated. They are very easy to make and can easily build trust in your brand.

You can generate a generic privacy and terms & conditions page using TermsFeed for free.

Including your address in the footer of your website might feel a little scary…

But if you’re after the $$, it’s a no-brainer.

The address is a super easy trust signal to add which will significantly improve your conversion & checkout rates.

Ecommerce trust signal 5: have a professional-looking website!


I know you don’t want to hear this.

But there’s no way that you’ll start raking in dough if your website looks like it was built with geocities in 2004.

But don’t worry:

There’s a couple of tricks to making your website look more professional without having to pay an expensive designer thousands of dollars.

Get a coherent color scheme – and stick with it.

A friend came to me recently asking me to help her optimize a website to convert better.

Her menu was a mess.Each menu item was a different color, and each color was obnoxiously bright.

Would you want to order from a store that looks like it got no thought put into it?

Me neither.

Use these resources to help choose a color palette that makes sense:

Paletton – Color pallet designer.

Pick a base color that represents your brand – then play around until you find a color that you think goes well with it.

ColourLovers – User-made color palettes

Users go to this website & submit their own favorite color palettes, I use it to get inspired all the time.

Make sure your photos look great

Modern-day consumers expect ecommerce stores to have high quality photos. There’s no getting around it now.

And budget isn’t an excuse, heck, you could take great photos with smartphones.

Look at what kind of photos Beardbrand is taking:

eccomerce trust signal inn a form of smartphone product pictures

Their photography is on the next level.

It’s the kind of photos we should all be aspiring to take. Notice how the background of each photo matches the scene set by the first two words in the product name.

These steps are a surefire way to get you on your way to building trust with your customers.

Hey, nobody said it’d be easy. Implement these easy trust signals and watch as the conversion rate on your site skyrockets.

Consider hiring an external agency who will be able to help you with your challenges and take advantage of the power of social media, such as Reddit Marketing or Quora Marketing.