11 content marketing tools you need to use in 2022  

Updated March 8, 2022 in Content marketing, Tools

As a content marketer, there are so many things to do. From researching trends to understanding your customers and creating and scheduling your content, the list of tasks never ends. But how can you improve your productivity as a content marketer?

Well, luckily, there are a number of tools for content marketers that you can employ to help you improve your results and increase your overall productivity.

Here are eleven such content marketing tools that you need to use in 2022:  

11 content marketing tools

Google Analytics   

Google Analytics is one of the most important content marketing tools. It collects raw data about your website and creates reports that will help you gain greater insights into your audience, content effectiveness, and provide insights on what problems need to be addressed.

There isn’t a better content marketing tool available in the market that can provide as much in-depth data as Google Analytics.   

google analytics content marketing tool

As a content marketer, you can use Google Analytics to track the following data:  

  • New website visitors  
  • Returning visitors  
  • Where your visitors live- country and state  
  • Sources of your traffic- search engines, social media, referrals, etc.   
  • Conversion rates  
  • Popular web pages  
  • Speed insights  

Not only does Google Analytics give you speed insights, but it also provides detailed advice and methods to improve your website speed. You can check the speed for both, mobile and desktop using the Google PageSpeed Insights to understand how you can improve the overall page speed of your website.   

Additionally, gaining more insights into your website analytics can help you greatly understand what kinds of content works better for your target audience. You can then use these insights to create more similar content and add more value for your audience.   

I highly recommend using Google Search Console in together with Google Analytics to get more in depth data and better understanding of your content marketing process.


BuzzSumo is one of the best tools for content marketing. This platform helps you gain greater insights on trending topics for any niche. It works similar to keyword analyzers, but instead gathers information on what are the most popular conversations on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.   

Using a tool like BuzzSumo can help you understand what your target audience is talking about, what subjects are trending in your niche, and how much attention each topic is garnering.

buzzsumo content marketing tool

It also provides further insights on who the influencers are, where specific topics are concerned and who people are listening to on that particular subject. With all the insights provided by the platform, you will also be able to determine who you need to engage with to get the most out of such trending topics.   

Gaining insights into the trending conversations can help you create content with the potential of going viral. So BuzzSumo is definitely one of the best content marketing tools to help you research your content strategy.   

Answer The Public  

Answer The Public is another great content tool that gives you the most searched questions for any topic. This platform generates a graphic representation of all the related keywords and questions people are asking for on the topic you are researching.

answer the public content marketing tool

For example, if you search ‘Italy travel’, the app will provide an infographic with all the possible questions people are searching for on the internet like ‘how to travel Italy’, ‘what you need for Italy travel’, ‘is Italy safe for travel’ etc.   

Using these insights, you can create content that answers these questions. This will help you improve your ranking on search engines and help you increase organic traffic to your website. If you subscribe to the Pro version of the website, you can also create alerts so you are notified when someone asks a question mentioning the keyword or your brand name.   


HotJar is one tool that every content marketer needs to use. This tool gives you insights into how your visitors interact with each page of your website. It can also help you analyze the link clicking behavior of the visitors landing on your website.   

hotjar content marketing tool

This content marketing tool also records and analyses scrolling behavior, clicks, and taps and generates a wealth of real-world data that can provide you with invaluable insights into what works and what doesn’t on your website.   

Once you gain the right insights on your audience’s scrolling and clicking behavior, you can take the right steps to improve your website and provide key information in places that get the most engagement. With such tweaks to your website placement, you will be able to improve the conversion rate of your website and drive more sales for your business.   


No content marketing strategy is complete without a good email marketing strategy to complement it. And in order to help with the execution of this email marketing strategy, you will definitely need MailChimp.

While there are multiple email marketing tools out there, Mailchimp is one of the best due to the user-friendly interface the platform offers.   

mailchimp content marketing tool

MailChimp is cheaper than most of the other email marketing tools available in the market today, is easier to use, and has various features that can help you create some amazing email campaigns for your subscriber list.   

The platform also lets you create emails for free for up to 2000 subscribers and allows you to send about 12000 emails per month for free!   


Hootsuite is a great project management tool that allows you to schedule or live post your content out for various social media channels all at once. This content marketing tool is essential for those content marketers looking to amplify their reach using social media.

Posting on different social media platforms can be extremely time-consuming, but with platforms like Hootsuite, you can schedule out content for the entire week or month at one go.   

hootsuite content marketing tool

Such scheduling platforms also offer various other features like keyword and hashtag research tools, optimized posting time, and social listening tools. Using these features can help you increase your engagement and improve your social media marketing results.   

The basic version of Hootsuite is free to use and allows you to add up to three social profiles for one user. If you have multiple users and more than three social media profiles, you will have to subscribe to the platform.

The paid users can also schedule more messages and gain access to analytics, reports, and additional team features.  Hootsuite is definitely the top project management tool we tried so far.


For the success of any content marketing effort, a tool like Moz is a must. Moz is a Search Engine Optimization tool that provides all the features required for content marketing and SEO research.

The platform has various features like keyword planner, rank tracking, on-page grader, site audits, backlink analyzer, and a lot more. Here are four features Moz offers that every content marketer should be using:  

  • Keyword planner: The keyword planner lets you search the volume and difficulty level for each keyword so that you can optimize your website for the right keywords and increase your chances of ranking higher on search engines.   
  • Rank Tracker: The rank tracker keeps track of your rank for each keyword you have optimized your website for so you can keep an eye on what keywords are bringing in your organic traffic.  
  • On-page grader: The on-page grader generates a list of suggestions that will help you rank higher for the chosen keyword. You will need to provide the keyword you would like the page to rank for along with the link to the page and the platform will crawl the web page and generate a list of suggested improvements.   
  • Backlink Analyzer: This feature allows you to analyze and track the different backlinks your website has. Backlinks are important for increasing website authority and improving rankings.   

moz content marketing tool

Moz also provides SEO courses to help you learn the best practices for search engine optimization. It is one of the best content marketing tools available in the market today and every content marketer needs to use it for success.   


Canva is an invaluable tool for social media marketers, content marketers, and business owners. The platform allows you to create professional-looking graphics using a vast library of templates.

It also comes with a pool of stock images that can be used for your designs. The basic version of Canva is free to use, but a pro version is a great option if you’re looking for better images and templates in order to stand out.   

canva content marketing tool

As a content marketer, you can use Canva to create engaging infographics to go along with your blog posts and also to create free downloadable templates and reports for your audience. It is the #1 tool to create social media posts in a few seconds due to its library full of amazing templates.

Canva also provides templates with the right dimensions required for each social media platform, making it easy to create content in the right format for different social media platforms.   


The YoastSEO plugin is a must for every content marketer using WordPress for their website or blog. This plugin has various features including the generation of a sitemap, but the most useful feature is the keyword optimization feature it provides.   

While uploading your content to your blog, scroll to the bottom of the page to find the YoastSEO plugin and add in the keyword you would like to rank for. The plugin will generate a list of suggestions that will guide you in making sure that Google sees your content in the way you want it to be seen.

yoast seo content marketing tool

It also provides readability analysis, where it grades your content based on the ease of reading and provides suggestions so that you can improve it.   

As a content marketer, Yoast will help you fine-tune your content and make sure you take all the measures for a better ranking on search engines.   


As a content marketer, Grammarly is your best friend. It helps you analyze and edit your content to ensure that there are no typos, no grammatical errors and there is an overall flow to the post. It also suggests synonyms so that you avoid overusing the same words and phrases.

It also allows you to set the tone you would like to achieve and makes suggestions accordingly. The paid version of Grammarly also helps you check for plagiarism so that you can be sure that your content is original and avoid getting in trouble.  

grammarly content marketing tool

In order to leave a good first impression, your content needs to be flawless. Editing tools like Grammarly are absolutely essential for any content marketer. You can also install the browser plugin for Grammarly and integrate your spell and grammar check for everything you do.   


As a content marketer, you absolutely should be using platforms like Quora and Reddit to amplify the reach of your content and hack your website traffic. Both Quora and Reddit are similar platforms that allow users to ask questions and raise queries and people don’t consider them as content marketing tools.

As a content marketer, you can find forums or questions in your niche and promote your content while answering the question. Learn more about Quora marketing and Reddit Marketing to improve your website performance.

Growth marketers usually use both platforms to strengthen their content marketing strategy, as well as use it as a lead generation tactic. In order to implement you strategy correctly, you need to do some sort of keyword research and subreddit research to have a precise goal.

We at Soar were able to use Reddit Marketing to hack 118,335 site visits in one day using strategic marketing strategies for a client who had just launched his website.   

Free content marketing tools

Many of the tools I previously mentioned offer free versions, but with a limited functionality. The internet is fool of tools that can help you make your content strategy a piece of cake, you just need to try it out and find the one that works the best for you.

Here is a summary of free content optimization tools:

  • Google Search Console
  • Ahrefs
  • Grammarly
  • SEOTesting
  • Quora/Reddit
  • Canva
  • Hotjar
  • HubSpot
  • And many more

Almost every content marketing tool offers a free version or free trial. Give it a try and let us know which one you liked the most.

Top content marketing tools are usually paid, but are definitely worth it. I will give you a hint. Do you have a content marketing tool that you really want to use, but is quite expensive? Reach out to them with a short explanation why you want to use the tool and how can you help them increase their brand awareness or bring in more users. There is a high chance they will offer it to you for free 😉 You can thank me later.


Content marketing is a very broad area and requires lots of research, time and resources. Content marketing tools are extremely helpful to take your content strategy to the whole new level

Need help with your content marketing? Schedule a call with our team at Soar and get the ball rolling today.