100 best subject lines for cold emails that work now

Updated September 9, 2022 in Marketing

What is a cold email?

A cold email is an unsolicited email that is sent to people without prior contact. It’s like meeting a person for the first time. Cold emailing falls under email marketing.

Why is cold email useful?

Cold emailing is useful.

It makes approaching the audience easier based on age, job profile, geographical area, and other specifications.

You can enhance your brand awareness by sending emails to the target audience.

Emails are convenient to forward and share. This means you have a better chance of increasing your reach.

Emailing is cheaper and faster than printed newsletters and ROI is easily measurable.

Who uses cold emails?

Typically, cold emails are used by sales teams, recruiters, business developers & partnership teams, and within SEO outreach. Lots of different apps have popped up around these use-cases, including Postaga and Woodpecker

Here is why cold emails are crucial in business development.

Cold emails are a great way to reach out to potential customers and make the first contact. Even if you do not get a lot of initial success, staying consistent with cold emailing will definitely help you in the long run.

How cold emails can be used for recruitment.

The most exceptional candidates aren’t usually the ones actively looking for new opportunities. However, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t interested in your vacant role.

That means you’ll have to go out of your way to reach these individuals, typically by cold emailing.

Cold emails can give you a head start in networking.

It is a fact that networking is a powerful tool. Building connections with like-minded professionals, individuals, leaders can provide you with useful insights about future business prospects.

A simple invitation to a speaking engagement, business lunch or other gatherings can help you build meaningful professional relationships.

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How do you use cold emails?

Sharp subject lines are significant as they decide whether the person will open the email or not.
Keep the main body simple and to the point so that you have the full attention of your reader.

Cold emailing mainly includes introduction, purpose and salutation.

Personalizing emails attracts people to open your email and actually go through it.

More than 80% of sales require a minimum of 5 follow-ups. So, companies make sure to follow up with people for a few times to make sure their message is delivered correctly.

Business executives know the best time of the day and best day of the week to send out their emails to get maximum outcome.

Here’s the list of 100 cold email subject lines for different purposes.

These cold email subject lines are for presenting offers to your potential customers.

1. Earn double points today

2. Feeling [Emotion] I can help!

3. Your free [promotion] is waiting for you

4. A complimentary upgrade with every purchase

5. Your all-access pass to our upcoming webinar series

6. I’m ready to listen

7. Come celebrate with us!

8. We’re saving a spot for you.

9. Professional development opportunity

These cold email subject lines are data-driven.

10. The real reason [X] needs [Y]

11. The data behind [event]

12. The tool 78% of managers want

13. The 12 reasons your email isn’t getting opened

14. Science says you’re more likely to buy based on these 5 factors.

15. 98% of moms want this for Mother’s Day

16. 5 tips, tricks, and trends to ensure fast growth

17. Our most complete guide to [industry]

18. What’s affecting [X] this week

If you want to make your target audience curious, these subject lines are for you.

19. Don’t miss out!

20. Quick question

21. What I found on your website

22. You were just matched.

23. Here’s your chance:

24. I wouldn’t ask if it weren’t important.

25. What are you missing?

26. I’d love to help you, [name]

27. These 4 brands have a story to tell.

These subject lines are based on pop culture.

28. What your business can learn from the royal family

29. Three clever marketing lessons from the Super Bowl

30. Go Spurs go!

31. 6 reasons you want Arya Stark on your [department] team

32. Business management fixer-upper, Joanna Gaines style

These are some of the most compelling subject lines in the e-commerce business.

33. It’s almost gone

34. I didn’t want you to miss out.

35. Don’t let FOMO ruin your weekend.

36. A [better/smarter/faster] way to [reach a specific goal]

37. Free shipping ends tonight.

38. Almost finished

39. Live training – starting now!

40. Don’t wait

41. Get our [X] package with purchase – today only

These are more personalized subject lines for cold emailing.

42. [Friend name] mentioned you

43. Our mutual connections at [vendor]

44. The [mutual group] LinkedIn group

45. A friend of [friend’s name]

These subject lines attract people based on the idea of making their life more comfortable.

46. Download our white paper

47. How we helped [customer] save $30,000

48. Try out my new custom font.

49. We just released new updates.

50. Offering a website audit

51. 100 cold email subject lines you can use

52. Help me help you

53. Learn to [talent] ridiculously well

54. Steal my marketing strategy

These subject lines are used if you want to flatter your potential customers.

55. Congrats on the promotion, [name]!

56. Your recent award

57. Saw you were mentioned in [media outlet]

58. Your role on the [nonprofit] board

59. Your presentation at [conference]

Cold emails subject lines that have a personalized touch always get extra points.

60. Quick question for you, [name]

61. Available to meet at [place]?

62. Buy you a coffee, [name]?

63. Have a minute for a survey [name]?

64. Hoping to see you at the conference, [name]

Keep your subject lines short and sweet.

65. Question

66. Love your site

67. Connect?

68. Hello gorgeous!

69. New bells and whistles

70. We want you

71. Don’t forget

72. Few things to discuss

73. Hi there

Attack pain points with these subject lines.

74. Boost your sales revenue

75. How we started [solving pain points]

76. Training materials for your [department] team

77. A faster way to handle [pain point]

78. Check that [boring task] off your to-do list

79. Spend less time [pain point]

These cold email subject lines are based on testimonials that will help you gain the trust of your target audience.

80. How Kate’s team saved $X with

81. Why your competitors chose us

82. 74.98% of small business owners prefer [X]

Question your potential customers to drive them to open your email.

83. Interested in learning more?

84. What’s your go-to technology?

85. How can I help [name]?

86. Want to boost your success rate?

87. Is it okay if I send you [offer], [name]?

88. Ready to ….?

89. Have you thought about [pain point]?

90. I’d love to hear from you?

91. Read our latest ebook?

92. Our trick to making your productivity?

93. Was it something I said?

Lastly, here are some miscellaneous cold email subject lines.

94. Recommended: this eCourse

95. Get to know [valuable member of your team]

96. This quarter in review

97. How X will change Y

98. We want to hear from people like you.

99. We’d love your feedback.

100. Make the most of your subscription.

So that’s everything you need to know about cold emailing. Like what you read? Check out a great repository of email subject lines and email templates for your next campaign.

To recap…

In this post, you learned

  • What is cold-emailing?
  • Why is cold emailing beneficial?
  • Who uses cold emailing?
  • Best practices about cold emailing.

Now you’re ready to use cold emailing to target potential clients, customers or investors. The sooner you start, the better. Take advantage of it now and grow your business.