We’ve improved our Guest Posting service ?

Updated January 31, 2023 in Service Update

We wanted to share an update about some of the things that we’ve been working on to improve our guest posting service since your last visit. 

This service is our bread-and-butter for driving rankings for established businesses, and we’ve been investing in it to make it (way) better. 

Here’s how.

We removed all publishers with high search volatility ?

Good sites shouldn’t have huge spikes in organic traffic. Especially not downward spikes. This behavior suggests that the sites are somehow manipulating their SERP’s, which is risky and not a place you want to put a guest post

We removed publishers with a high ratio of outgoing links to referring domains

If your website has 1000 different domains pointing to it while linking out to 100,000 domains… Something’s off. We’ve found that this kind of high ratio is consistent with linkfarms and spammy sites. 


Moving on…

We’re improving our content writing process ✍️

Before, we worked with a dedicated in-house writing team – strong generalists with high standards. 

As demand for our guest posts have gone up, we’ve found that a better solution is to work with a network of experts across industries. This way the guest posts we write have more focus and clarity within industries. We’re now building our own network, with our own quality control process. 

All in all, these updates have cut down our publisher list by more than 50% ?
That’s a much stronger guest post selection to choose from. So if you’re facing competition in your organic results and want to improve your SEO rankings – now is a great time to do it. 

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