The beginner’s guide for Reddit content creators

Updated June 28, 2023 in Reddit, Reddit Marketing

Reddit is slowly becoming a go-to place for content creators. The platform brings tons of benefits, great audience reach and is still very underestimated. Many content creators have moved from YouTube to Reddit due to YouTube being too saturated.

Reddit marketing strategies for content creators

So, you are a content creator and want to dive into Reddit to market your content and promote your audience. Well, here are a few tips that will work for you and ensure you get the best out of your Reddit membership.

Communities to target

Have these subreddits in mind as you come up with your content.

Submit to “best of” subreddits

Once you have joined Reddit and are interested in using it to promote your brand, submit your posts to “best of” subreddits. This will give it great exposure.

After that, make sure you upvote your post and add engagement to it. This could be in the form of comments. This way, more users are likely to see your posts and upvote them as well.

The more your posts are upvoted on the platform; the more likely your brand will become much more famous. Be sure to submit to diverse communities to get a broader market for your band.

Get controversial

One of the best ways to increase traffic to your page and products is by making and promoting a controversial opinion. You could either wait for one to crop up or create one yourself by posting a comment about your product and choosing two conflicting opinions to talk about.

Creating controversy will go a long way in increasing the levels of engagement within your age and drawing attention to your links.

Be sure to upvote or downvote the comments that are linked to your products and businesses. This way, the comments will become more popular and trending, they will draw more attention to you.

Be creative

As you create content on Reddit, remember to make them both original and organic. Redditors are fond of interesting and captivating content.

If you want to receive more upvotes and exposure, be sure to invest in the best content and stand out from the other content creators in Reddit.

You may also want to think of new and innovative ways to use other social media platforms with your Reddit account and increase traffic.


One of the most important ways to promote your content is to participate in Reddit community discussions.

As you know by now, Redditors are all about community and helping each other out. So to be one of them, you need to engage in the conversations that take place on the site.

This may be in the form of upvotes or giving comments where necessary. Your comments could be the best way to engage with a new audience since they will find you an active and helpful member of Reddit.

Buy upvotes

It’s not an easy feat to stand out on Reddit and be noticed. The competition is high, which means you’ve got a lot of work ahead if you want to get your posts upvoted and seen by others.

Fortunately, sites exist that can help you buy Reddit upvotes & downvotes so you have a better chance at standing out from the crowd!!

Post on the most active subreddits

Time is money, friend! If you want your posts to be seen by the most amount of Redditors possible then participating on active subreddits will allow you to tap into huge amounts of potential customers!

Not only that, getting exposure on high flying subreddits can help companies make Reddit a go-to resource for Redditors in need of their products and services! So start doing some research and find out which subreddits are the most active before you post anything on Reddit.

Ask for feedback

Feedback is crucial in all marketing strategies. It is what tells you how successful your engagement has been, whether your audience was impressed or not. So be sure to welcome all sorts of feedback from your Reddit audience.

For example, you could welcome your audience to post any feedback about your brand on your AMA. This will encourage the users to interact with your page and make it more active, and, as a result, create traffic on it.

Feedback is one of the best ways to engage your audience and keep them interested in your business. Be sure to answer all their questions and address their concerns as soon as you can.

Subreddits you should know about

Find the right subreddit

Reddit has thousands of subreddits, finding the right ones for your product or service isn’t an easy task to accomplish! As a startup you need to experiment with different subreddits in order to learn which ones are best suited for your company’s products or services.

There is no single “correct” way to use Reddit so you should feel free to experiment different strategies without ever getting discouraged.

Here are some subreddits worth subscribing

Fashion subreddits

Cryptocurrency subreddits

Gadget subreddit

Business subreddit

Gaming subreddits

Computer hardware subreddit

Music subreddits

Technology subreddit

Vaping subreddit

Finance subreddit

Stocks subreddit

Cosmetic subreddit


Sports subreddit


Why should you consider marketing on Reddit

Reddit has over 100 MILLION monthly unique visitors viewing 5 BILLION pages every single month!

Moreover, Reddit is actually ranked as the 10th most popular website in the world . Reddit has its own search engine ranking within Google so Reddit pages are often indexed.

As you can see, Reddit is an incredibly popular website with a diverse user base which allows for marketing for businesses to be at times extremely effective.

Whatever products you are advertising, you should take the time to understand the community and learn the rules before you start marketing your products. This way, you will know what pitfalls to steer clear of. So what exactly do you need to know before you use Reddit for marketing?

How to engage and market on Reddit

Reddit has a unique culture that most marketers aren’t ready to handle. Marketers who don’t consider the community’s values when engaging with them risk being ostracized by Redditors, many of whom are fiercely protective and loathe brands or individuals they feel take advantage of their communities for personal gain.

If you want to succeed with reddit marketing, we recommend following these best practices: The Complete Guide for Reddit Marketing.

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