How to quote on Reddit? 9 easy steps

Updated March 8, 2022 in Reddit, Reddit Marketing, Tips & Tricks

Quoting posts or comments is a little bit different on Reddit compared to other forums.  This article shows you how to quote on Reddit in 9 easy steps.

How to quote on Reddit?

Step 1

Search for a post that looks interesting.

Note: You must be signed in to your account.

sign in reddit

You can find the login button in the top right corner. You should be able to see something like this when you sign in.

signed in reddit

Go to the Reddit homepage and search for something that interests you.

Step 2

Open the post

reddit post

Step 3

Find a nice comment worth quoting

upvoted reddit comment

Step 4

Highlight the words you want to quote and copy by pressing Ctrl + C (windows) or Command + C (mac) on your keyboard

highlighted text on reddit comment

Step 5

Click on the “Reply” option

reply on reddit comment

Step 6

Paste the comment you copied (press Ctrl + V or Command + V on your keyboard)

replying to reddit comment

Step 7a

Click on the three dots (At times you won’t see the Quote function if your window is too small.)

how to quote on reddit

Step 7b

Then click on the “Quotation” icon.

reddit quote

Step 8

You’ll see a gray line on the left side indicating that these words have been successfully quoted.

how to reply on reddit comment

Step 9a

Press ENTER once and then BACKSPACE once

Step 9b

Start writing your own comment. Then hit “Reply”.

reddit comment reply

And you are done. This is how your quoted reply on Reddit comment will look like.

quoted reddit comment

Beautiful isn’t? And super easy too. You just learned how to quote on Reddit in 9 simple steps.

Faster way to get there…

There is another much easier way, but it might not work for you. Let’s give it a try.

Step 1

Highlight the text you want to quote.

highlighted text on reddit comment

Step 2

Click on “Reply” and it will automatically insert a quotation mark.

how to reply on reddit comment

Boom. That’s it.

We heard it doesn’t work for everybody, so give it a try and let us know if it worked for you or not.

We hope you found this useful and remember to share the life-hack with your friends, so they don’t spend too much time with it.

You can also do it on your Reddit mobile app.

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