Best music promotion services online in 2022 and beyond

Updated January 31, 2023 in Marketing

How do I get my music out there? This is something indie artists constantly think about. As an artist, you’d want to give your music the best chance of success it can get. This success won’t be possible without marketing and promotion. That’s the main piece of the puzzle.

You may choose to handle your promotion, which is fine, but it might get to a point where you’ve exhausted your marketing ideas. You may also want to expand your reach even further than you already have, but you don’t know-how. That’s where music promotion services come in.

Here’s a quick rundown on what music promotion services are and what they can do for you.



What does a music promotion company do?

A music promotion company launches marketing campaigns for your music, which involves radio airplay, features on music blogs, securing placements on major playlists, Spotify, and SoundCloud promotion, among other digital service providers. Their goal is to get your music heard by as many listeners of your genre as possible, allowing you to gain new fans.

Alternatively, you may opt for a marketing company like Soar with unique marketing techniques like Reddit marketing and link insertion services ideal for your songs.

They’re able to identify your target audience and tailor a marketing plan suitable to your brand, launching an effective ad campaign. 

What is the best music promotion site?

It all depends on your individual needs and at which stage of your music career you’re in. Finding the best music marketing site isn’t easy as it’s relative to each person, but some sites are generally known to have good service. One of the best music promotion services is Signals Marketing

signals music promotion


They have credibility in the music business and among music promotion sites as a reputable company. They handle SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple music, TikTok and Youtube promotion. Check out their music promotion service

How much does it cost to promote music?

Major record labels spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad campaigns for a lead single, a music video, and everything in between. As an indie artist, a music promotion service will promote your music at varying rates.

It may start from $30 for promoting a song on one platform to a few thousand dollars for all-rounded promotion campaigns that cover social media marketing, press, radio stations, playlisting, and sometimes even artist management.

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The benefit of this is that it takes a huge load off your back, and they’re able to get feedback from a wide pool of music fans and adjust the campaign accordingly. 

How do I pay to promote my music?

Payment methods vary from each promotion service provider, but the most popular mode of payment is through credit cards.

With the commercial use of cryptocurrency on the rise, we may see it become an option in the near future, as you could see on the Juss Russ home page above. 

How do I find the best music promotion services?

A quick google search can reveal a lot. There’s a ton of music promotion services out there, but it’s good to sift through them by assessing their credibility. Some may take your money and do shady things with your music, like increasing plays using bots, which is detrimental to you.

As a rule of thumb, it’s good to find a service provider that’s very transparent about how they market music and have a real person as a point of contact with links to CEO and employee LinkedIn pages, clear business addresses, and reviews from artists displayed on their website.

Now you know more about music promotion services online and what they entail. The music industry comprises a broad and evolving landscape, and today’s information may not be relevant tomorrow. It’s good to always keep your ear on what’s happening and all the new ways you can market your music. 

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A great source of traffic and brand awareness is Reddit, which people usually forget about or simply do not realize its true potential. Reddit marketing is trending right now and it is the right time to start promoting your brand there. 

There is several other music channels to promote your songs, such as apple music or Deezer. Many new small businesses pop out every now and then to help upcoming artists to promote their music online. Music promotion can seem very challenging, but with a use of digital marketing and a few dollars, you can achieve great things!

How can I promote my music?

A successful music promotion service can help you gain a large number of customers before your career starts out. It can be confusing to find what platform to choose from when attempting your best selling music.

We give an overview of a few of the popular promotion services. Depending on the level of the project/budget some of these methods will be more accessible than others.

While artists at the highest levels will use every of these areas to promote their sound, we are focusing the article towards the lower middle of this spectrum – so we are not going into too much detail on high level approaches.

Should my genre of music decide where I promote?

Spotify has a number of playlists that you can subscribe to but you have to be accepted by the curator. SoundCloud is primarily a service that offers electronic music genre.

When you use a YouTube promotion company it really limits your possibilities when it comes to genres. Signals provides the best organic promotional service money could ever buy.

They have package deals for SoundCloud, Spotify, Instagram and YouTube. Get your song the traffic and attention you deserve!